Toothaches should never be ignored. Be it mild pain or constant pain; it can be a sign that there is an underlying problem. Toothaches are mainly caused due to bacteria.It may be a cavity or a severe abscess, which needs to be addressed immediately . If you ignore the pain, then chances are that it will worsen with time.

The fact about teeth is that they don’t heal on their own. So, waiting till it gets better on its own can be a big mistake. So, if you’re experiencing toothache, then it is essential that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Here are all the reasons why you should not ignore a toothache:

It could be a dental abscess

A dental abscess can be formed due to an infection near your tooth or gums. If you have noticed swelling or throbbing pain in the infected area, chances are the abscess has become severe. Ignoring this pain or infection can worsen the situation. The infection can even spread into the bloodstream and affect other parts of your body.

You may lose a tooth

If you have chipped or broken your tooth while chewing hard foods, you must immediately rush to the dentist. Sometimes the minor crack can expand to split the tooth into two. If a crack in your tooth extends to the roots, it can expose the nerves and cause sensitivity and severe pain. Ignoring this can result in tooth loss which in turn can change your bite due to shifting of adjacent teeth.

The issue may cost you a fortune

By ignoring your toothache, you are also putting your financial stability at risk. Regular visits to dentists can keep your dental expenses at bay. Condition will definitely worsen with time and will lead to a situation that require major dental treatment which can get extremely expensive.

Now you know why you should not ignore toothache. If you have been battling with a toothache, it is better to get yourself checked, instead of enduring the pain or waiting for it to heal on its own. Book an appointment at Signature Smilez to get rid of that toothache as soon as possible.