Dr. Jacob and her highly skilled team of hygienists and assistants will work with you and your family to develop a customized treatment plan that includes regular cleanings, examinations, and education in order to prevent, uncover, and treat problems as early as possible.

Visiting the dentist at least twice a year is recommended because your dentist can detect early signs of decay, treat oral health problems while they are still manageable, and check for problems that you might not see or feel. During the oral exam, the dentist will check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, TMJ, and tongue. At each visit, the dentist will scan and take pictures of your mouth. This is done to ensure that the teeth and surrounding structures are functioning properly, since constant pressure from chewing, grinding, or clenching can cause the teeth to wear down, chip, or fracture.

At Signature Smilez Family Dental, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care.



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