‘You are what you eat’ said the young man to the wise man, in response to ‘you are what you wear’. Although there’s merit to what the wise man says, there’s more scientific truth to what the young man is saying. What a man eats affects the way his body reacts or works. The people who eat healthy foods with antioxidants and good nutrients have a good immune system and healthier teeth, while those who eat junk foods or eat foods rich in sugar or oil have bad immunity and are more likely to suffer tooth decay. What you include in your everyday diet affects your health ways more than one. The immune system of our body needs certain nutrients and natural chemicals to repair our body. The same also holds true for your teeth. Eating foods that help in plaque reduction keep your teeth spotless (some may even help you avoid an unnecessary visit to the dentist), while foods that contribute to plaque accumulation cost you your teeth (these will certainly lead you to the dentist). There are foods that help in the reduction of plaque and harmful bacteria from your mouth, some might even surprise you.

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Foods that are surprisingly good for your dental health

Eating foods that help in plaque reduction prevent you from several dental issues. Here are some foods that help you stitch in time.


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’; perhaps you already know why apples are supposed to be eaten every day. Apples and other crunchy fruits like pears and cucumbers contain desirable fluids and antioxidants. Chewing on these increases the saliva flow in your mouth and cleans up the bacteria. Apple being crunchy also helps in scrubbing off the plaque between teeth. The antioxidant properties reduce the accumulation of bacteria.


Everyone loves an extra cheese burst pizza, although pizza makers reduce the nutrients of the cheese in it. Cheese and some other dairy products are rich in calcium, which is the most important mineral for the repair of teeth. Cheddar cheese or aged cheeses that are hard to chew are better as chewing instigates saliva flow and cleans up your teeth and gums.

Black and Green Tea

Tea is a favorite beverage among many people and green tea is the important part of the diet of those more conscious of their health. Tea contains an interesting chemical called ‘polyphenols’ that help in removal of bacteria and its toxic byproducts. It prevents bacteria from clustering together and breeding in peace. Black or green tea also prevents bad breath. The only rule is keeping it sugar-free.

Sugar-free Chewing Gum

Is your mind blown? Yes, chewing gum can be good for your teeth, but if only it’s sugar-free. Chewing acts as a catalyst for saliva flow. Chewing a strip of gum facilitates the flow of saliva in your mouth, which acts as the mouths’ natural cleaning service. It also removes plaque from the surface of the tooth with its sticky character.


There are bad bacteria and there are good bacteria, yogurt brings you sizeable quantities of good bacteria or probiotics that defend your teeth and gums from dangerous bacterial infections. Also, being a milk product, yogurt contains calcium that repairs the teeth and prevents cavities.

Include the foods mentioned above in your daily diet and prevent your teeth from getting attacked by bacteria and plaque. For any queries on how you can further improve your diet, feel free to contact Signature Smilez Dental.