Tooth decays and cavities are quite depressing. Not only do they give you immense pain but they also cause other dental issues. They look bad and make it embarrassing to speak to others when clearly visible. Severe pain due to cavities and decays can be a wake-up call to visit Emergency Dental Edmonton.

It is important to understand that decay and/or cavity is a disease in which the tooth enamel starts to erode due to contact with harmful bacteria resulting in a hole on your teeth. There are some bad habits that can cause cavities and decays.

Poor Oral Hygiene

You definitely need to visit Emergency Dental Edmonton if you are ignorant about dental hygiene practices. Improper or lack of cleaning your mouth can lead to the formation of plaque on your teeth. Brushing is not enough. Flossing, cleaning of your tongue, and using mouthwash is very important to maintain oral hygiene.

Bacteria causing the growth of plaque adheres to your teeth and builds up with time. If not cleaned properly, the acid in them starts to erode your enamel layer and slowly creates cavities.

Dry Mouth

Plaque is the major player that supports tooth decay and cavities. Saliva helps in clearing this plaque from your mouth. Decrease in the formation of saliva, makes the plaque stay in the mouth longer. There are various reasons that causes dry mouth. Smoking and tobacco are the major ones, but certain medications also result in dry mouth.

Eating Habits

The food we eat daily can unknowingly be a source of tooth decay. There are various kinds of food we consume that affect the enamel layer of our teeth. Sugary foods, especially, can be very hazardous to oral health. There are bacteria already present in our mouth, and sugar is their best friend. Foods with hidden sugar can also affect oral health. The bacteria feed on this sugar and coat your teeth with acid, leading to decays and cavities.

Along with this, acidic food also makes the enamel weak. Carbonated drinks, fruit juices are good sources of acid and make your teeth decay with time.

Tooth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth? Do you know that it can be a cause for tooth decay? People generally grind teeth in their sleep and are unaware of it. Over a period of time, this could have severe repercussions on your teeth. The upper layer of enamel starts disappearing due to grinding, slowly damaging all your teeth. Hence, to prevent decay and cavities, you could try using night/bite-guards.

The advice of dentists from Emergency Dental Edmonton can help you fix all your problems related to cavities and decays. Treating them on time can save you from pain in future. Book an appointment for proper oral health care with Emergency Dental Edmonton.