Other types of orthodontics are Invisalign, (Invisible orthodontic treatment), functional appliances and removable appliances. While functional appliances produce forces that correct the jaws (dental orthopedics), removable appliances and Invisalign focus their forces onto the individual teeth to correct tooth position.

Surgical Orthodontics will correct jaw discrepancies that cannot be adequately treated with functional appliances or traditional brackets.


Invisalign clear braces can give you the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted. Invisalign can provide dramatically improved appearance of your smile by invisibly moving teeth slowly with a series of clear aligners. Each aligner is replaced every two weeks as the treatment progresses towards a beautiful smile. Best of all, Dr. Jacob can provide you with a computerized video of your treatment showing progression from beginning to end. This enables every patient to visualize directly the anticipated result. This video, called a ClinCheck can be modified to meet your exact needs where clinically possible.

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