How safe are dental X-rays

X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves that are passed through the human body to get a picture of the body. Similarly, dental X-rays are used to get a picture of teeth and jaw bones to understand the problem with the teeth and supporting structures. While dentists take necessary precautionary measures during X-ray examination, it is also necessary for patients to be informed about the amount of radiation they are exposed to.

Benefits of dental X-rays

X-rays are beneficial for detecting various ailments in the human body. In dentistry, X-rays are used for revealing useful information about your oral condition and to detect any dental abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye. Apart from detecting dental problems, x-rays also help in studying teeth eruption patterns in children, locating abnormalities like cysts and its spread to surrounding areas,TMJ problems etc

An X-ray examination can help you see the following:

Areas of the mouth affected by decay
Bone loss due to gum diseases
Tooth and gum abscesses
Position of wisdom teeth

Children and dental X-rays

Parents are often concerned about how safe dental X-rays are for their children. Children do not routinely get an X-ray examination as they are more sensitive towards radiation. However, if there is a need for X-rays, they are exposed to only a low dose of radiation, which is considered to be safe with adequate protection. You can ask the dentist to keep the level of radiation at the lowest and take one image instead of multiple images as a safety precaution. During the growth phase, it is essential to monitor the development of their teeth and jaw. Dental X-rays help in monitoring whether or not their milk teeth are exfoliating correctly to accommodate the permanent teeth. Also, they help in monitoring the development of wisdom teeth or any impacted teeth in children.

Pregnancy and dental X-rays

Even though the radiation of dental X-rays is minimal, pregnant women are not routinely recommended to get X-rays. The reason for avoiding dental X-rays is that it may affect the health of the developing fetus in the 1st trimester. If you are pregnant, then you must inform your dentist . However, if you have a dental emergency and you need to take Xrays to correctly diagnose the condition, you can safely take the X-rays with proper protection to radiation.

Dental X-rays are not harmful if safe levels of exposure to radiation is maintained. However, care must be taken when children or pregnant women are exposed. Contact us at Signature Smilez for more information about your dental needs.