Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is one of the fundamental things you have to do to ensure you have healthy teeth. Adhering to this practice gives your teeth a longer life. But if you are still experiencing dental problems like teeth sensitivity, then there may be a problem with the way you brush. Wondering what can go wrong with your brushing or flossing action? Let’s find out.

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1. Brushing for too long

Ideally, you are supposed to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes; not more than that. If you take less than 2 minutes to clean your teeth, plaque stuck on your teeth won’t get cleared away properly. On the other hand, if you take longer than 3 minutes to brush your teeth, it affects the tooth enamel. The chances are that your enamel will abrade gradually, exposing the dentine and cause tooth sensitivity. If you find it difficult to time yourself while brushing, get yourself an electronic brush which is equipped with a timer that you can set and it helps prevent any damage to your teeth.

2. Watch what you are doing

Everytime you brush your teeth, stand in front of the mirror and see how the brush is moving in your mouth. Brushing your teeth while looking into the mirror will help you make sure that you are cleaning every corner of your mouth. The gum line is a place where there is maximum tartar build up. You must make sure that you are cleaning that area properly. Also, we generally observe that the back molars are usually not cleaned properly as the brush hits your cheeks before the molar, leaving them inaccessible and causing cavities.

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3. Use correct brushing technique

To understand the structure of the tooth enamel, imagine glass rods that start from the dentin inside and extend towards the surface of your teeth. Most people are habituated to brush their teeth from side to side. This horizontal action damages the structure of the tooth enamel. Instead, you must brush your teeth in small circles by holding the brush at 45 degrees. Continue to brush in this manner from one side to the other, top and bottom and front and back.

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