Boosting Your Smile Potential with Crowns and Bridges

Getting a smile boost is about more than just vanity. By repairing problems like missing or damaged teeth with crowns or a dental bridge, you can have the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed about. As general dentists in Edmonton, we’ve enhanced many smiles this way!

Am I a candidate for a crown or bridge treatment?

A dental crown is recommended for teeth that are:

  • broken or cracked
  • structurally weakened by large fillings
  • weakened by root canal treatments
  • misshapen
  • discoloured and/or non-responsive to teeth whitening treatments

A dental bridge from your general dentist at Signature Smilez is an option if you are missing one or more teeth.

What is a crown & bridge? Do they always go together?

A dental crown is a restoration that covers a single tooth to help strengthen and restore its normal shape and size. Spaces left by missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to drift – this can change your bite, encourage cavities, and alter your smile. So, a replacement is required. This replacement (called a pontic) is connected to one or two crowns, which are permanently attached to the teeth on either side of the space. The replacement tooth together with the crowns are called a dental bridge. While a bridge always contains a crown, a crown does not always need to be part of a bridge.

What if I’m missing more than one tooth?

Dental implants are another way to anchor a bridge – especially one that spans greater distances. By placing a crown on the implant instead of on a healthy tooth next to the space, you’re also saving your natural tooth – which is preferable in many cases.

Will the crown match my teeth?

Crown & bridge materials result in a strong, natural-looking restoration and are custom-made to match your smile. No one will know you have a crown or bridge … unless you tell them! Boost your smile potential with a dental bridge from your general dentists! Call now!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Jessie Jacob, General Dentist in Edmonton